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"Emotions = Cost" How To Guard Against Emotions in Decision

Sounds like a
relatively boring and ho-hum topic, eh?

Perhaps.  But it costs North Americans BILLIONS each year.

Here's some advice and guidelines on how to prevent your
emotions from interfering with your decision-making.

It's Brad here - somewhere in the last few years I was told
by one of my mentors, Paul Donald, that nine times out of
ten, people make decisions based upon their emotions, and
not facts.

So you know what, I took what he said to heart and it
changed my life.

I no longer got peeved at people being late to meetings, I
know longer let it upset me that customers were trying to
negotiate better deals and trying to cut into our profit
margins.  I realized it for what it was - just business,
and started having less and less anger, frustration, and
even made fewer Mistakes each and every day from there on

Furthermore, people think and memorize in pictures. So it's
no wonder that when you're watching TV, that commercials
are tailored to influence your emotions and ?wow' your

For example, I just saw a commercial to promote a Dodge
truck.  It shows a burly looking guy driving along in his
brand new truck, gets a few gorgeous looking girls to
accompany him, then is capable of towing a competitor's

So what does a Dodge truck commercial have to do with
real Estate?   PLENTY. So hang in there and read on.

It appeals to the sexual demographic they're trying to
attract: Men.

The commercial not so subtley says that if you don't buy
this truck, you won't get the hot looking girls, and won't
have the hauling capability of other trucks - plus, it's
all about the LCF (Look Cool Factor).  Want to be cool? Buy

How many men that had even been ?wondering' about getting
their next truck, are now thinking that they ?need' to get
this Dodge truck?  Plenty, right.

So they've now attached an emotion to their decision-making
process and will vote with their heart - and their ego -
instead of their mind.

Many of them won't research cost comparisons of other
vehicles in that category because to the male ego-driven
buyer, the competition just couldn't produce the kind of
feeling that Dodge did.

They're also more inclined to forego the thought that they
truly don't need a new vehicle, nor may be able to afford
an increase in their monthly spending, but they're driven
by that vision and that feeling that they now ?need' to
have a Dodge truck or their image suffers.

Let's say that they buy the truck they can barely afford.
Six months go by and they probably don't have hot looking
women that are jumping into their laps asking for dates.

They don't have anything to haul from the back of their
brand new truck.  And their bank account is showing that
they're near - or are at - a negative balance because
they're paying a few hundred dollars more per month for a
brand new vehicle.

There are plenty of stories where investors bought
properties they ?fell in love with' and were stuck with a
house that slowly ate away at their profits. Ever seen "The
Money Pit" with Tom Hanks?

As the story goes, a husband and wife buy a "simple fixer
upper", but as the movie goes along, it eats them into near
Bankruptcy.  They bought a lemon, and made a decision based
On their emotions - because the Seller appealed to their

Bottom line, in real estate and in life, remove your
emotions from your decision-making process.

****** But be sure to appeal to ****** other people's

Good negotiators recognize just this - it's business.

Consistently conduct your business in an ethical, win/win
manner, devoid of emotion on your part, and you'll rise to
the top as one of the most successful investors of our

This is also good advice for life.  From this point
forward, make your decisions based upon the facts, not the
way you feel.

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In our next email, we'll show you "how to buy property
anywhere" from the comfort of your own home.  It sure beats
driving the neighbourhoods, flying to another country, and
wasting your time going out to see properties each and
every day.

Stay tuned,

Yours for Massive Profits & a Rewarding Life!

Brad & Mary Wozny

"Helping Women & Families Achieve Financial Freedom"

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